How to fix Mail Manager crashing and slowness

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I’ve been contracted to file 1 million emails from Exchange Public Folders to a filing system using Mail Manager so, I’ve become pretty acquainted with issues that can arise from Mail Manager as I use it extensively everyday for weeks.

One of the most common issues I get, is Mail Manager repeatedly crashing (and recovering automatically) and also suddenly becoming very slow.

I found that after a certain number of emails, Mail Manager hits a limit and issues start to occur, especially when filing a large number of emails at a time (1000+).


  1. Open Outlook
  2. Click the ‘Status’ button in the Mail Manager menu in Outlook:
    Status Button in Mail Manager Outlook
  3. Click ‘Diagnostics’ in the Mail Manager window that will open up, then click the ‘Empty Cache’ and ‘Purge Logs’ buttons:
    Empty Cache Folder and Purge Logs
  4.  Close Outlook
  5. Delete the contents of the folder located at:

C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Local\28Hands\Mail Manager

That’s it! Open Outlook again and Mail Manager should start running like you’ve freshly installed it!

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